Semiflex, thin or thick material?

Semiflex is a semi-flexible hose for air transport, which our company has produced since 1995. Semiflex is a single-layer hose made of an Al alloy strip. A unique, highly durable “triple lock” is used for connection, by which this hose differs from the hoses of other producers. Since the beginning, we have used a material with a thickness of 0.12 mm, which makes the hose very robust; it can also tolerate rather less careful assembly work.

Last year there were a few queries as to whether we would prepare the production of a hose from a material 0.07 – 0.08 mm thick, which would reduce its mass and price. After long-term verification of the opinions of assembly companies, we arrived at the conclusion that a mild price reduction (approximately CZK 3-6 per 1 meter of the hose length) and mass reduction would be accompanied with a substantial lowering of the hose’s stability.

If thinner hoses are needed, we have Aluflex hoses (double wall thickness) or Kombixflex hoses in stock that meet these requirements safely.

For this reason, we have so far decided not to use a thinner material for the production of semi-flexible Semiflex hoses.

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