Differences between fan rating plates and motor plates

Questions frequently asked by customers and design engineers concern the fact that our fans sometimes have two types of plates with different data.One plate is located on the motor housing; it... celý článek

Assembly recommendations for small fans

The method of assembling small fans is of significant importance for the value of the emitted noise. In order to achieve the minimum values of noise after the installation of fans, it is necessary to... celý článek

The use of frequency converters with fans

If you do not require operating fans with electronic frequency converters or inverters, it is necessary to specify this in the order. Motors are exposed to a considerable load by converters and for... celý článek

Fire safety fans and the choice between 400V or 230/400V motors

Frequently asked questions by designers and assembly companies generally involve confusion related to the choice of a suitable three-phase motor for fire safety fans supplied by us. The choice of a... celý článek

Semiflex, thin or thick material?

Semiflex is a semi-flexible hose for air transport, which our company has produced since 1995. Semiflex is a single-layer hose made of an Al alloy strip. A unique, highly durable “triple lock” ... celý článek

Fluorescent lamps together with a fan

Designers sometimes require lighting and fans to be turned on simultaneously in social rooms or bathrooms. This common requirement can be recommended for all our fans with only one restriction... celý článek

Water condensation in fans and equipment

In some cases during the improper installation of fans, it may happen that condensed water runs into the fans or accumulates in the fan. This condition, of course, can endanger the function of the... celý článek

High temperature fans (120°C, 150°C)

There is a line of fans in the range of products of EDV that are suitable for industrial applications for air exhaust with a temperature of 150°C (or, as the case may be, to 120°C)... celý článek

Parallel running of fans

In some applications, for example, for garage ventilation, fans are designed in parallel connection. The above-indicated solution enables one to operate only one fan during low demands for air... celý článek

Fan noise and government order no. 502/2000 Coll.

We are often asked by people from installation companies whether the fans we deliver meet the statutory requirements defined in GO no. 502/2000... celý článek

Hoses with sound insulation and the risk of condensation

For reasons of the safety of structures, demand only vapour-proof hoses.IntroductionToday, elastic hoses with sound and thermal insulation are commonly used for... celý článek


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