Novinky v sortimentu jaro 2022

Dear Customers,

We would like to introduce you to our most interesting spring news this year.

MAA-Q - a circular silencer in a square shell suitable where compactness of the wiring plays a high role. It is very low, 4 cm lower than the standard MAA silencer. The silencer has an asymmetrical noise insulation filling which provides very good attenuation. Available in a length of 900 mm.

MAA-Q silencer

PER INOX - stainless steel louvered damper, screw mounting, screws and gasket included.

KMF - stainless steel ventilation grille with flap, screw fixing (supplied with gasket). KMF-P - economical plastic version.

ED Flex® Cutter EASY, PRO - Special ED Flex® EASY/PRO hose cutter designed for easy cutting, no burrs or unevenness.

RTR E200 - room programmable thermostat with clear LCD display, switching relay, automatic clock setting and automatic daylight saving time/winter time change

Induflex® - polyurethane flexible near-clear piping designed primarily for industrial applications. The main pipe material is a polyester-polyurethane thermoplastic and the entire structure is reinforced with copper-coated steel wire. The piping is designed for the extraction of solid particles and dust. Standard package length 6 m.

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