Fluorescent lamps together with a fan

Designers sometimes require lighting and fans to be turned on simultaneously in social rooms or bathrooms. This common requirement can be recommended for all our fans with only one restriction: During the operation with fluorescent lamps, we recommend using only quality lamps with an electronic lighting ballast that do not produce overvoltage when switched off.

If the fan is on a joint supply cable with some types of cheap fluorescent lamps that contain working inductors without compensation capacitors, it may happen during switching off the fluorescent lamp that an extremely high overvoltage wave is generated with pulses of one polarity exceeding 4 kV. The above-indicated overvoltage exceeds the value of the test voltage required by the standard (i.e., 1 kV wave for residential building, 2 kV for industry) and destroys the run down elements in small fans.

In emergency events, the PM 250 (5 kA) surge diverters supplied by us can be used; they are installed at the control phase.

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