Fan noise and government order no. 502/2000 Coll.

We are often asked by people from installation companies whether the fans we deliver meet the statutory requirements defined in GO no. 502/2000 (government order concerning noise immission impacts).

Government order no. 502/2000, which has been amended by GO no. 88/2004 Coll., on the protection of health from the adverse effects of noise, only concerns the immission impacts of noise from noise sources. These depend on the actual location of a noise source, on the path of acoustic energy propagation, on acoustic insulation and generally on the properties of space in which the noise propagates.

Fan manufacturers do not make any predictions about the type of space in which their fans are to be installed and only specify the emission parameters of noise. Those parameters are covered by other standards.

Responsibility for equipment placement is held by the design engineer, or consumer, who should review the emission parameters specified by the fan manufacturer and decide on the placement of the fan or design suitable construction or other measures to meet the requirements of GO no. 88/2004 Coll. The said GO does not specify any requirements for acoustic exciters as such.


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