Choose a regulation set

Choose a regulation set
Selection procedure:
by unit by parameters
Choice of unit/fan:

Rsada – universal regulation sets
Rsada – universal regulation sets - control and regulation for supply and discharge (for general supply/discharge fan/unit). It contains complete accessories with other possible options.

Basic types of regulation sets:
Rsada 3xx – only control of fan
Rsada 4xx VO – control of fan and water heater
Rsada 5xx EO – control of fan and electrical heater
Rsada 601/CH – control of direct cooling for Rsada 4xx and 5xx

    Implementation for VO – power controller VO, mixing node, frost protection, sensors, valves speed controller, remote controller pressure sensor and other devices, please contact us for more info.

    Implementation for EO – power controller EO, valves, sensors, speed controller, remote controller and other devices, please contact us fore more info

Universal protection against short circuit of the fan
Universal protection against short circuit of the fan - you can only connect fans with built-in thermal protection, designed by manufacturer to be voltage controlled.
1-phase fans – the sum of currents up to 5A (with module REE5 Ext to 2x5A).
3-phase fans – in one phase max. 5A (RDV 5E) or 10A (RDV 10E).
Fans with frequency converter – only input of the converter is secured.

Mixing valve
Mixing valve - for mixing of circulating and fresh air in heat recovery systems or hot air heating systems. Valve control is independent. Control is either manual or dependant on temperature of inlet air – it depends on type of RSADA used.

Proposal of regulation set it’s recommended to check chosen regulation set in catalogue – to be sure. In case of mistake in proposal it’s almost impossible to make changes in already manufactured set!. Regulation sets for 1-phase fans are warehouse item – we usually have them ready in 1 day, for 3-phase fans we need to manufacture them.

If you require confirmation
of suitability of your chosen regulation set, please contact our department of measurement and regulations, phone +420 602 679 469.

This is just initial version of this module and we are constantly tuning it. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to our email elektrodesign@elektrodesign.cz


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